Fixing the Church’s Scanner/Fax/Printer

A challenging project from 2008. The church’s scanner/fax/printer had an error that could not be cleared. The church secretary, Sue, figured that I may be up to the task to fix the machine… or else in the dumpster it was going to go because they had bought a new machine. I found an obscure repair manual by doing a Google search, and it was about 28 pages in! I almost gave up looking, page after page! It took me about 1/2 hour to disassemble and about the same amount of time to reassemble. Brought it back to the church, and it was gifted to a parishioner in need. ALL THINGS MACHINE!!!!

Background: it was a known problem that when you cleared a paper jam, a filament strip would get unseated. And the only way to fix the problem, is to take the machine apart.

The patient in the OR:

ChurchScanner   (PDF document)

The patient is OK: