My kitty cat (MiscToo) found the catnip pouch!

I put down my bag of gifts from Linda and Wally; my brother always gives presents to my cats (I am now down to one). Well, I walked away from the kitchen and upon my return, MiscToo (pronounced Miss Too), retrieved from the bag one of her presents: a catnip pouch. She did not knock over the bag of gifts, so had I not seen the pouch, I would have never known it was taken out by her. She went nuts over it. I have taken some videos of her, so I will eventually post them here. I plan to upload the videos to You Tube, then insert a link to them. But for now, I will include a picture of MiscToo. I did have a picture of her on the header, but maybe I did not save it because I am back to the original photo for this theme.


Doesn’t she look so sweet and innocent.  Ho ho ho, as Santa Claws would say.

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