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Test for .user.ini file to override default

Tweaking default WordPress settings today (mostly for chuckles and grins). With the free version, you cannot upload video and audio files (which are by nature usually much bigger than pictures and documents). Created a .user.ini with the appropriate commands to set my own limits and used FileZilla to upload it to the database on the server.

For large files, if they do timeout on the upload using WordPress’s function to do this, I can do it another way. I can FTP a file to the database, then use a plugin that I installed today that will let you import the FTP’d files. So, I have 2 ways to accomplish getting files into WordPress.

I added the below video using Add Media function of Word Press to upload from my computer (instead of FileZilla).  The song playing on FM 89.5 WPKN is Bob Dylan singing “Thunder on the Mountain”. I got home from the shop around 10:00 PM last night, and started jamming to the music! I really should have been inside my house, in my jammies! I owe all of the delay to radio show host, Jeff.


Boxcar Willie!

Listened to Jeff on WPKN 89.5 last night! I am a fan already of Boxcar Willie:

In another life….

Greek Sisters and Bike

Lordship Spelling Bee – May 1962

Spelling Bee Lordship May 1962
(Adobe reader required – PDF)
Use the zoom feature and read all about it…

Met with Success!

Worked with a fantastic tech from (on 5/11/2015) to copy over my free WordPress site to my that is hosted at GoDaddy. There was a lot of stuff to do in order to accomplish this task. With the help of the tech, Chris, (who did the lion’s share of the work), all moved over fine! I could have not done this alone! I plan to incorporate a lot of the stuff I had at the “old” site (which was built and maintained by an obsolete program FrontPage) when I have the time. If you ever plan on hosting a website, I highly recommend!