Learning Continues….

…. I have been experimenting with stuff! Added a few widgets (calendar, follow me, counter, etc). Even MiscToo is getting her claim to fame (or is it claw?). She does not yet know it, but she Too is now a widget at the bottom of the page. I changed the background color to a shade of blue of my own choosing. I tweaked the menu name to show: Sunset and Cloud Photos. From my travels around WordPress, I understand there is no restrictions to the number of pages. We shall see! Right now, I have: HOME, ACCORDION MEMORIES, SUNSET AND CLOUD PHOTOS, and ABOUT. This will all most likely change as I travel about the many, upon many, WordPress tutorials. 

In regard to the MiscToo widget. She initially got chopped off on the right. So, I changed the canvas size in an attempt to not have her face chopped. Not! Then in my travels, I found some WordPress information on a forum in regard to this. I compressed the information in my brain to come out with a simple explanation for myself: My picture was too big for the size of the sidebar. So I made it of such size as to fit into the space without chopping. Sometimes you got to put 2 and 2 together, and keep it simple! I glean that the sidebar width is 250 px so I re-sized my image to be 158 px  (wide) by 249 px (tall). 

Stay tuned…

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