Watermarking and links!

I changed the watermark on MiscToo… she did not mind the water too much! My previous watermarking program I had for several years now, stopped working a few weeks ago (I don’t have a clue as to what happened with it).  I downloaded the latest free version, but paid for the license so as not to have their credit appear on my pictures. I also downloaded another watermarking program from uMark, (and paid for the license as well).  I recommend buying the license so that you can make full use of the program and have only your watermark appear. I have been using uMark exclusively because the program is very robust, easy to use, and has nice features. Also, uMark emails newsletters with some great watermarking tips. And lastly, and most importantly, uMark has excellent email support. I recommend this program highly!

You can click on the pictures in this post and other pages, and they should expand out to nearly full size on your screen, to better see the watermarks. The footer picture at the bottom of the page, does not expand for some reason. Perhaps it is a function of the footer widget.

If you haven’t discovered already, simply click on the underlined blue words (links) above to see MiscToo, and the 2 watermarking websites.

Most of the photos on the clouds and sunset page were watermarked using TSR, from a few years ago. The banner was done recently using uMark.

Well, that’s all for tonight!

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