Raining lead here……..

…. got a call this afternoon to pick up more wheel weights (ww’s)! A friend calls my truck Snowflake, so for now, that will be her name. Well, Snowflake has had quite a work-out these past few days, but is no worse for wear! Pictured below is about 771 pounds of ww’s. I am practically all out of trays, and I have to schedule a pickup soon for range lead. So, I have to get cracking and start the sorting operation – sooner, rather than later!

DSC_0217 cg

DSC_0218 cg

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  1. Hi Kathie, I am a shooter and reloader and was looking for a good lead ingot source for casting my bullets when I came across the [admin removal] thread recommending you. Although I went on your website I couldn’t find any way to contact you to order anything. Would you mind emailing me at [admin removal] with how to order and whatnot, please? I will place an order and send payment however you like (saw that you prefer Postal Money Order, which is fine with me) . Looking forward to hearing back from you and to doing business soon. And, thanks for what you do as it is apparent you do a great service to a lot of shooters and loaders like me. Sincerely, Paul [admin removal] Texas.

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