MiscToo is TOO Much….

…. for the catnip pouch.

Destroyed (well not completely) within about 15 minutes!

Please click on the picture below to see the You Tube video:MiscToo and Catnip

Front and Back views of the catnip pouch. MiscToo was TOO much for the pouch!

Pouch2 G

Stayed tuned….

…. for videos of MiscToo playing with the catnip pouch!

It helps to do a save….

…. when changing the header!

I decided to use some photos that I took of a beautiful sunset on November 1, 2013  for my header (instead of MiscToo). Mother nature certainly can paint a beautiful canvas of colors.

And please visit my photos page for some more photos!

My kitty cat (MiscToo) found the catnip pouch!

I put down my bag of gifts from Linda and Wally; my brother always gives presents to my cats (I am now down to one). Well, I walked away from the kitchen and upon my return, MiscToo (pronounced Miss Too), retrieved from the bag one of her presents: a catnip pouch. She did not knock over the bag of gifts, so had I not seen the pouch, I would have never known it was taken out by her. She went nuts over it. I have taken some videos of her, so I will eventually post them here. I plan to upload the videos to You Tube, then insert a link to them. But for now, I will include a picture of MiscToo. I did have a picture of her on the header, but maybe I did not save it because I am back to the original photo for this theme.


Doesn’t she look so sweet and innocent.  Ho ho ho, as Santa Claws would say.


Spent XMAS day at my brother Wally’s house with Linda (his wife), my niece and nephew (Brynn and Nik), along with other friends and relatives. Brynn currently is in charge of updating a wine business website that was created using WordPress. She also has her own site that she set up with WordPress. Being inspired by her, I am now dabbling in WordPress to see what I can learn and do!